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Tibetan Terrier comes from the "roof of the world" Tibet. This part of the name is correct. It is not a terrier but a shepherd dog. The name terrier he got from Englishman at the expedition to Tibet in 19.century. After the import to England was Tibetan terrier accepted as official breed in the year 1930 with this name.

Tibetan Terrier domesticated as a midsized athletic and brisk shepherd and watch dog concurrently with Tibet mastifs and moloss as a associate of nomads. He worked with herd of sheep, goats and yaks in the indented hilly country of Tibet. His skeleton is perfectly adapted for moving in the rocks, his big paws for moving in the snow and his double hair for extreme weather in Tibet.

As a gift to monks came smaller white Tibetan Terrier obviously from the nomads to the Tibet cloisters. There were small white longhaired dogs honoured as a symbol of bearer of felicity "white lion" - Sengge. During his dog Sengge refer Dalajláma to the people behaviour of people in humorous form.

Tibetan Terrier is not a couch-dog. It is a very brisk, hardy and athletic dog with a robust skeleton. He loves free moving outdoor in society of his "pack". He has a sunny, friendly character, sparing of affection to strangers.


Tibetan Terrier is very intelligent, large-minded, it is a personality which do not like drill  but prefer partnership with his master. He is very teachable and playful and so right for agility. On the walk can Tibetan terrier move free, he do not rush game, attack other dogs and mainly he watch his "herd" and do not move away.

Tibetan Terrier is fixed to his master and his "herd", family he need to be near every time. He is a really splendid friend and companion. Even though he is not a couch-dog he likes to lie on a couch by his master very much.